Couples Therapy

What is it
A way to help couples who are working through relationship/marriage challenges or seeking pre-marital assistance.  Couples Therapy attempts to enhance a relationship or marriage to make it better, stronger, and more likely to endure its inevitable challenges.  This can be accomplished by a blend of joint and/or individual sessions as determined by the couples’ specific needs and goals.

Who will benefit? Everyone. Regardless of whether you are in a long-term or relatively new relationship, Couples Therapy can be extremely beneficial.  According to the National Center for Health Statistics (2005), approximately 43% of first marriages end in divorce. There are several therapeutic techniques available in Couples Therapy to help couples improve and resolve a variety of challenges, including but not limited to, the following issues:

Communication Often a person feels that as if they are not “heard” or understood by their partner. Couples often communicate with one another from very different vantage points, making it difficult to truly understand one another. Couples Therapy can dramatically improve a couple’s ability to effectively communicate with each other.

Life Transition Sometimes a relocation, job change, sick parent or child or loss of a family member will pose a significant challenge to the relationship, often making it more difficult to rely on each other for support. Therapy can help partners learn to manage each of their own issues while also being conscientious of the other.

Birth/Adoption of a Child While this is most often viewed as a joyful event, adding a new member to any family can also cause stress, hormonal changes, and offset the balance in the family, all of which can pose a significant challenge to any relationship. Couples Therapy can expose and explain issues involving, among others, post-partum depression, loss of attention and identity, and the shift of family focus.

Infertility The multitude of feelings and issues that emerge as a result of trying to conceive can at times be overwhelming, often burdening a relationship. Therapy can help couples learn to communicate and better understand their partners’ feelings and perspective.

Infidelity Learning to trust again after one partner has been unfaithful is often a difficult task.  Therapy can assist the couple in identifying some of the barriers to this goal and help restore trust.

How does it work? Through a combination of joint and individual sessions, Couples Therapy can help strengthen communication skills, resolve conflicts, repair wounds, deepen intimacy, and enhance a relationship.  

How do I get started?  By calling 813-784-2442, to schedule an initial consultation, which will consist of a mutually convenient in-person meeting with licensed psychotherapist Carrie Cohen.  It is generally preferable that both parties attend the initial meeting, however extenuating circumstances can be accommodated. Following the initial meeting, and before coming back together as a couple, an individual session(s) is typically scheduled for each partner separately, in order to obtain information relevant to background, perspective, and unique individual needs.

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Carrie’s specialties are marriage counseling, couples therapy, psychotherapy, parent-child therapy, family therapy and therapeutic parent coaching. She also offers individual and group therapy sessions located in Tampa, Florida.