Parent/Child Therapy

What is it? Parent-Child Therapy focuses on practicing and implementing techniques learned through Therapeutic Parent Coaching. It assists parents develop methods to better understand their child’s point of view and communicate more effectively with their child(ren). It will help the parties develop a deeper mutual respect, thus enhancing the child’s self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. This type of therapy will ultimately serve to greatly strengthen and solidify the parent-child bond and will provide parents with the skills necessary to help their children navigate through their inevitable behavioral and emotional challenges.

Who will benefit? Parent-Child Therapy is useful to anyone interested in strengthening the parent-child bond and developing more tools to effectively communicate with each other. This method of therapy is also useful in helping adoptive or blended families understand and repair strained attachments and build healthier ones. This type of therapy is effective at all stages of child development, but is especially beneficial in younger children (under the age of five) who exhibit some signs of attachment or anxiety related disorders.

How does it work? Parent-child sessions are conducted in much the same way as the Play Therapy sessions. In some cases, both parties may use toys so that the communication occurs in almost a third party style. It is often easier initially for parents and children to communicate their concerns, fears and challenges in this way, so as to avoid hurting feelings or directly criticizing each other. Eventually parties develop the skills to feel safe and comfortable with more direct communication. Often topics addressed in these sessions include, but are not limited to: problem-solving methods, active listening skills, fostering and requiring developmentally appropriate independence, fostering and requiring responsibility and accountability, setting and complying with appropriate boundaries and limits, etc.

How do I get started? By calling 813-784-2442, to schedule an initial consultation, which will consist of a mutually convenient in-person meeting with licensed psychotherapist Carrie Cohen.

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Carrie’s specialties are marriage counseling, couples therapy, psychotherapy, parent-child therapy, family therapy and therapeutic parent coaching. She also offers individual and group therapy sessions located in Tampa, Florida.