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Individual Adult Therapy – One on one counseling for adults addressing an array of concerns.

Couples Therapy – Pre-marital or marital counseling for couples interesting in enhancing their relationship.

Family Therapy – Counseling for families seeking to enrich familial relationships and/or address a wide range of challenges.

Child Play Therapy – Developmentally appropriate counseling for your child to address an array of concerns.

Parent-Child Therapy – Joint counseling sessions for you and your child to strengthen your relationship and/or deal with specific challenges.

Therapeutic Parent Coaching – One on one counseling for parent(s) aimed at maximizing your parenting potential, as well as addressing specific concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions - the page where Carrie Cohen answers frequently asked questions

Resources - a page of resources for clients which include books as well as online documents

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Carrie’s specialties are marriage counseling, couples therapy, psychotherapy, parent-child therapy, family therapy and therapeutic parent coaching. She also offers individual and group therapy sessions located in Tampa, Florida.